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HIM Department Outsourcing

We offer experienced, fully-credentialed and diversified Health Information and Informatics Management (HIIM) professionals with the following flexible management options based upon your needs:

HIM Full Service Option:

When you outsource the entire HIM department functions to Stat Solutions, Inc., you know you are partnering with a company that provides qualified HIPAA-certified staff. With Stat Solutions, Inc., you’ll realize an increased productivity and quality revenue producing activities.

HIM Partnering Option:

Our Stat Solutions, Inc. Partnering model allows you to use your own in-house staff to fulfill the HIM departmental functions, while our experienced, fully-credentialed and diversified Health Information and Informatics Management (HIIM) professionals provide the management and regulatory skills necessary to assist you in meeting your goals. You’ll realize increased levels of productivity and quality producing activities and outcomes.

Hospitals, Physicians and Clinics find that our Partnering Option for long-term coding solutions is the answer to their difficulties in recruiting a qualified staff. Coding options are tailored around your needs. Whether you need one full-time coder or an entire coding staff, Stat Solutions, Inc. can provide you with the highest level of quality credentialed coding specialists.

Remote HIM Support Option:

Facility provides secure, remote access to EHR and entire ROI process is handled from the Professional Outsourcing, Inc. (POI) centralized processing center in New Port Richey, FL. This option reduces provider intrusion and further speeds turnaround times.

Stat Solutions, Inc. is a team of highly motivated, credentialed Health Information & Informatics Management (HIIM) professionals dedicated to providing you support with your present Health Information Management needs. Our efforts are focused entirely in healthcare arena allowing us to provide the highest level of quality professionals. Let us help you reach your goals by providing you tailored solutions designed specifically for you, your goals, your needs. We do this by listening and working together to identify the strengths and challenges of your HIM Department, identifying opportunities and implementing best practices for performance improvement.

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